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Sustainable Coworking in Your Town

By saying that our coworking space is sustainable and comfy we confirm that you will get 100% satisfaction from working here and making the best out of this experience.

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02 Why Choose Us

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A 2007 survey showed that many employees worry about feeling isolated and losing human interaction if they were to telecommute.

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A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

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What We Offer

Modest yet highly practical and comfortable working zones, chill zones, coffee shops and diners at you full disposal during your stay with us, as well and fast Internet and office supplies. Invite your teammates!

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Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Coworking Space

We are proud of what we have come up to at our center! Only here you get to enjoy with talented people who work in different areas, designers, photographers, engineers etc. Learn more about joining us today

  1. Actual office space that promoting productivity
  2. Meaningful connections with your team
  3. Increased productivity to get some work done
  4. Comfy accommodations and comfortable couches

It was an after dinner surprise I won’t easily forget.  The instructor was easy to follow and I had a blast painting my depiction of a beach sunset.  I can’t wait to sit another sip n’ paint event.

Angela Munnings, Sip n' Paint Customer

I am an account by day, so I often find my mind has a hard time shutting off. After a long week, I enjoy coming to do something so vastly different. Being able to paint, mingle and enjoy wine does the trick for me. I recommend Sip n, Paint for doing just that.

Jamar Wilson, Accountant

While on vacation in Nassau, we wanted to do something memorable.  Annette saw a ad on facebook to join in on a Sip n’ Paint event. This seemed like the perfect date night event for us.  Not only was the event intimate, it was super relaxing.  Ed and I got to create a memory we can physically return home with.  Thank you Sip n’ Paint Bahamas. We’ll definitely come again once we return to The Bahamas.

Ed & Annette, Vacationers
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Fresh Blog Posts

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